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Blackwater Demolition

  • Excellent safety record
  • All employees have OSHA 10-30, Hazwoper 40, CPR and First aid
  • Dedicated Safety officer for your project
  • Years of experience in Demolition & debris removal with over 40,000,000 Cubic yards removed in the last 4 years.
  • Federal emergency response team experience in multiple disasters within the U.S. & Caribbean. Harvey ,Irma, Maria, Michael, Cal wildfires in Santa Rosa & Paradise California.

Demolition Services

Selective Demolition

Concrete Cutting
Core Drilling

Robotic Demolition

Flooring Removal


Blackwater Demolition has a wide range of experience in the industrial field with plant and asset recovery. We have demolished...


Blackwater Demolition knows the commercial demolition industry, We can provide clients with as many solutions to safely demo...


Blackwater Demolition prides itself on being able to provide demolition services to anyone who needs them. This mindset keeps us...


15800 Brothers Ct. Unit 3
Ft Myers, FL 33912

National Demolition Association
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Phone: (855) 900-3366